Wow Wow Bakery is fully inspired by our lovely daughter, Junior, an eight months old black/brown miniature schnauzer.

Dog’s dietary had never come into our mind before this. The story begins when our housemate, Liz(nick) had adopted Junior. We really fall in love with Junior. Many friends around us are saying that we are obsessed with doggie. Some of them even show their double palm face reaction when they heard how we treated Junior. Junior is not only our pet; she is part of our family. We are trying our best to give her a warm and loving living environment.

Liz always complain about how bad is the treats in the market , which actually, come with heavy preservatives and colouring. For sure, it is not a good nutritional regime for Junior. We surf along the net, learnt loads of knowledge about dog dietary and got ourselves some nice good treats recipes for dogs. From that moment onwards, we started to bake home treats for Junior. We bought a brand new oven, just for the baking, can you imagine that? Haha… It sounds ridiculous isn’t it? But it just happened.

Our first time baking experience is fun. We don’t know who is having more fun, we or Junior! We baked muffins, Apple Cinnamon muffins. When the aroma of muffins filled in the air, Junior sat under the table, pawing at us all the time. It turns out really good. We had like 12 muffins. We share the muffins with our neighbors and friends furkids. Surprisingly, they love it so much. After a few times of baking experience, we “upgraded” our recipes to biscuits cookies and even cake! Junior will get really excited whenever there is something baking in the oven. The smart girl definitely know that she is about to enjoy a fresh home-baked treat.

We would love to share our healthy treats with more great dogs out there, and now Wow Wow Bakery is here, sharing our yummy treats to all the dog lovers’ doggies.

Wow Wow’s story,
Junior & Tohshio.